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Backyardigans Robot Rampage Paint Splatter Cake

This cake had a very specific theme based on the party activities and the birthday boys favorite Backyardigans episode. I did my due diligence and watched said episode to get inspiration for the characters I was going to put on the cake. Super catchy songs involved;) The rest was, well, paint splatter. Enjoy=)

Backyardigans Robot Rampage

Professor Bug, mwah ha ha ha!!!

Backyardigans Professor Bug


Man cakes can be difficult. No flowers. No pretty. No cutesy. No fuzzy wuzzy itty bitty wittle…*cough*. Anyway, what’s manlier than a zombie? Am I right, folks? Well, that is what the birthday man wanted, so this is what I dreamed up. It almost gave me nightmares.




A face only a mother could love. Zombie mother, that is;)



Feline Mermaid

I was going to try something a bit different with this post and upload a video to give a full 360 of the cake instead of static photos. It did not work out so well. With some further tweaking, perhaps I can do this for a future post. In the meantime, enjoy my take on a deep sea diving cat=)

HK Mermaid