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This here is a little number I did for a contest. There is this fabulous contest every year called Threadcakes. It is a cake contest based on Threadless t-shirt designs. It is one of those glorious pairings in life I like to call Erin Mash-ups. Two or more of my loves combined into one. Here, cake and Threadless t-shirts (I own a few); throw in the awesomeness of a contest and you’ve got yourself a grade A mash-up.

I did not win the contest=( But it was super fun just entering. Added bonus, I ended up in the Cakewrecks blog (I LOVE YOU JEN!!!). Just making it into the Sunday Sweets section of Cakewrecks was prize enough for me=)

Original Design:636x460design_02

My Cake:Threadcakes entry 2011


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