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Today I am featuring some sugar cookies I recently made. It’s not all about cake all the time, I’m no one trick pony you see;) I was going for a wintery white on white and I do so love snowmen. The main guys were polar bears, but I didn’t get great pics of them, sad face. Well, it was 5:30 in the morning after all and I was a tad bleary eyed. Regardless, enjoy=)

Snow sugar cookies

Snow sugar cookiessnow sugar cookie


Of Castles and Cake

This was another fun themed cake. It was for prince and princess party. I was given a basic idea of what was wanted for the cake and then I was allowed to do as I pleased, which I thoroughly enjoy. It was for a two year old so, I wanted to go with bright fun colours and cartoony characters. I really love how the little knight turned out. So brave=)

Castle Cake

Fondant Knight

Mint green wedding cake

I love it when friends get married. It’s such a lovely thing. And I’m a total opportunist swooping in with offers of cake;) I feel sometimes people don’t value the wedding cake as highly as they used to, which is a shame. Well, maybe not valuing fruitcake based wedding cakes from the days of yore is understandable, but a beautiful centerpiece of the reception made with delicious flavours that you then get to serve to your guests is a wonderful thing. This cake was inspired by the invitation that my friends made for their wedding. Wish I had a picture of that now, the whole thing would make more sense. Anywho, I matched the colours of the invitation and the little paper flowers that were on it. Enjoy=)