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It was requested of me to make a Tangled cake. Hmmmm…I thought to myself. I was a little wary of trying to recreate the main character herself, so I decided to make the tower and and surround it with the flowers that she had in her hair. As a finishing touch, I made the birthday girls name to look like Rapunzel’s hair.

The obsession begins….

When I was small we only had one or two (AGE SPOILER ALERT!!) VHS tapes. The only one I really remember was a Silly Symphonies tape that was played so much I am pretty sure my mother wanted to jump off a bridge.  Some of the cartoons were weird and I didn’t catch the subtleties until I was much older (I now find some of the content quite shocking). Regardless, I loved The Cookie Carnival. I love the part when sad girl cookie wants to be in the parade and then gets dolled up by Mr. Wandering Gingerbread Man. I was in love with the idea of a candy land where everything is edible and sweet and fun. I think it speaks greatly as one of my early influences into why I do what I do today. Enjoy=)

Bill and Squeaks

I have a strange habit of naming (or renaming) things. I name fish I catch, fondant characters I make, random people I see and occasionally furniture. You get the picture. Anyway, I had an idea for a cake I wanted to make for my nieces second birthday that involved cute little rubber duckies. Her obliging mother let me do whatever I wanted and this is what resulted. After I created the duckies I decided they needed names. The large duck is Bill (get it?) and the little one is Squeaks=)

C is for cookie

I love this guy they call Cookie Monster. What a funny fellow. As a child I used to watch Sesame Street and watch Cookie Monster and think, ” If he just slowed down a bit, he’d enjoy his cookies more”. You know, because he had all those bits flying everywhere he couldn’t have gotten very many down. At the time I failed to realize that puppets can’t swallow…..or anything for that matter. Anywho….

This likeness of cookie monster is totally gluten free, right down to his cookie=)

Flowers and Bugs

I often have the opportunity to make a lot of kid birthday cakes, due to the abundance of cute kids in my life=) This one was for a bug and flower themed party for an adorable little girl. So much fun to make!

I love the bee and his beady black eyes=)

Lest we forget

I thought for today’s post I would put up a poppy. I made this flower that has become synonymous with Remembrance Day in honour of all who fought for freedom.

Thank You

Display cake-o-rama

Here is a little number I made for a cake conference in Vancouver. There was a display room for people to come and show off their mad caking skills. It features purple Peonies and some glittery green scrolls (however the glittery magnificence was only to be beheld up close. Camera didn’t catch the effect so much). It even found itself on t.v! Not to bad for a happy Styrofoam cake=)

May the forks be with you

I sometimes find it difficult to make “man-cakes”. Wedding, sure. Kid’s birthday, great. Flowers galore, you betcha. No so much with the man-cakes. Well the hubs requested a Jawa (critter from Star Wars if you’re not in the know) cake a couple of years back and I thought, “Great!!”. A little chocolate cake, a dollop of hazelnut filling and a modeling chocolate robe and you’ve got yourself a birthday cake!

The Passion Flower

Last year my mother-in-law was getting married, so of course I had to make the cake! (I do so love making cake!). She wanted flowers, but something that was unique and meaningful  to her. So she chose a passion flower. I did not know what this looked like. When I saw one the thought of attempting this in sugar was daunting to say the least, but I persevered. So, here is the result of my efforts….