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Plants vs. Zombies

I was recently asked to create a Plants vs. Zombies cake for a 5th birthday. I was really excited because I am a huge fan of the game myself (I may have it installed on my computer and my phone *cough*). All of the characters are fondant and they are lovingly displayed on a fondant covered vanilla cake. Enjoy=)
20150209_111013P vs. ZPotato mine

A whole lotta cakes

Well, it’s been a really long time since I have posted anything; months, in fact. I was really busy with work all summer and through the fall and now that the holidays are behind me hopefully I will catch up on all the things I have been neglecting. So, here are some of the cakes that kept busy this last summer. Enjoy=)

Pink XL rose

blue and gold

purple roses

black anemone

coral and gold



Frozen cake

It’s official, Frozen is a big deal amongst the small set. The day after I finally watched the movie, I received a request for a Frozen themed cake. I paused briefly because I thought, ” I don’t make ice cream cakes…oh, I see”. Anywho, my face sculpting not quite up to par yet, Elsa proved to be too difficult to undertake. Olaf, however, that was another story.




Frozen, Olaf



Peacock cake

I’ve always wanted to do a peacock cake, so I was excited for the opportunity to create one for a sweet sixteen birthday party. It wasn’t as grand as a wedding cake would have been, but it was still fun. Since it was a birthday we decided to go with a two tier peacock topped cake and and make the rest of the cake servings in cupcake form decorated in blue and teal icing. Sadly, the photos I took at the venue are blurry at best, so I have no photos of the final set-up, but I do have photos of the peacock cake.





Wedding show

This is a cake I did for a wedding show display at the Four Seasons. Most weddings take place in summer so I wanted to put really vibrant flowers on it representing spring/summer. Most wedding shows, however, take place in the winter, so I wanted a seasonal background representing winter. I went with a bright white including a crystal layer with pearls, then added silver branches to the flower swag. I quite liked the effect.


bright on white

bright on white close-up1

Bees, bugs & baby shower

Long time no post. It’s been a particularly busy summer and fall for me and now I hope to get back to posting some pics of cakes I have been doing (the ones I have remembered to photograph anyway). Here is one I did for a baby shower waaaaay back in June. It was for a garden theme incorporating bees and ladybugs. This was the vision I had. I have tendency to default to rather cartoony cakes and I didn’t want to do that with this one. I liked the idea of pure gold bees and lots of different flowers. Enjoy=)

Garden cake

Garden cake

Garden cake


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars wedding cake.

Well, some Star Wars, some flowers and a few polka dots and you got yourself a cake. This cake covered the grooms love of Star Wars (and Batman), the brides wish for something not-too-girlie and a mutual love of movies/photography. Throw in the wedding colours and what I ended up with was a cake dubbed, “Nerd-awesome” & “Nerdtastic”. High praise from the guests who love comic books and sci-fi.


Starwars, etc.

Starwars, etc.

Starwars, etc.

Starwars, etc.

Starwars, etc.

Happy 60th Birthday, Mom

This here is a cake I put together for my mothers 60th birthday. It has pink roses, blue hydrangeas and white anemones. Wrapped in a periwinkle ribbon and sealed with sugar brooches to finish it off.


Rose, hyrangea, anemone

Rose, hydrangea, anemone

Sugar brooch

Rose, hydrangea, anemone

Fairytale Cake

This cake was for a fairytale themed party. So, I included some key characters Cinderella, Snow White, a dragon, a fairy godmother, the Gingerbread man and Little Red Riding Hood. The birthday girl requested the color lavender, so the cake color was born.


Fairytale cake

Fairytale cake

A Hoot of a Cake

I have seen so many amazing owl themed cakes recently I was excited to get to make one for my nieces third birthday. I used the invitation as inspiration for the cake. It’s the same song and dance involving fondant and buttercream, but this time I incorporated modelling chocolate for the tree. Modelling chocolate is such a great medium, with the shaping properties of fondant, but with a super quick setting time and man, does it taste goooooood!! Enjoy=)

2013-04-06 11.20.54

Owl have a piece of cake, please;)

2013-04-06 11.28.09

Backyardigans Robot Rampage Paint Splatter Cake

This cake had a very specific theme based on the party activities and the birthday boys favorite Backyardigans episode. I did my due diligence and watched said episode to get inspiration for the characters I was going to put on the cake. Super catchy songs involved;) The rest was, well, paint splatter. Enjoy=)

Backyardigans Robot Rampage

Professor Bug, mwah ha ha ha!!!

Backyardigans Professor Bug


Man cakes can be difficult. No flowers. No pretty. No cutesy. No fuzzy wuzzy itty bitty wittle…*cough*. Anyway, what’s manlier than a zombie? Am I right, folks? Well, that is what the birthday man wanted, so this is what I dreamed up. It almost gave me nightmares.




A face only a mother could love. Zombie mother, that is;)



Feline Mermaid

I was going to try something a bit different with this post and upload a video to give a full 360 of the cake instead of static photos. It did not work out so well. With some further tweaking, perhaps I can do this for a future post. In the meantime, enjoy my take on a deep sea diving cat=)

HK Mermaid




This here is a little number I did for a contest. There is this fabulous contest every year called Threadcakes. It is a cake contest based on Threadless t-shirt designs. It is one of those glorious pairings in life I like to call Erin Mash-ups. Two or more of my loves combined into one. Here, cake and Threadless t-shirts (I own a few); throw in the awesomeness of a contest and you’ve got yourself a grade A mash-up.

I did not win the contest=( But it was super fun just entering. Added bonus, I ended up in the Cakewrecks blog (I LOVE YOU JEN!!!). Just making it into the Sunday Sweets section of Cakewrecks was prize enough for me=)

Original Design:636x460design_02

My Cake:Threadcakes entry 2011


P.S. This post was a regular linkapalooza!


Today I am featuring some sugar cookies I recently made. It’s not all about cake all the time, I’m no one trick pony you see;) I was going for a wintery white on white and I do so love snowmen. The main guys were polar bears, but I didn’t get great pics of them, sad face. Well, it was 5:30 in the morning after all and I was a tad bleary eyed. Regardless, enjoy=)

Snow sugar cookies

Snow sugar cookiessnow sugar cookie


Of Castles and Cake

This was another fun themed cake. It was for prince and princess party. I was given a basic idea of what was wanted for the cake and then I was allowed to do as I pleased, which I thoroughly enjoy. It was for a two year old so, I wanted to go with bright fun colours and cartoony characters. I really love how the little knight turned out. So brave=)

Castle Cake

Fondant Knight

Mint green wedding cake

I love it when friends get married. It’s such a lovely thing. And I’m a total opportunist swooping in with offers of cake;) I feel sometimes people don’t value the wedding cake as highly as they used to, which is a shame. Well, maybe not valuing fruitcake based wedding cakes from the days of yore is understandable, but a beautiful centerpiece of the reception made with delicious flavours that you then get to serve to your guests is a wonderful thing. This cake was inspired by the invitation that my friends made for their wedding. Wish I had a picture of that now, the whole thing would make more sense. Anywho, I matched the colours of the invitation and the little paper flowers that were on it. Enjoy=)


It was requested of me to make a Tangled cake. Hmmmm…I thought to myself. I was a little wary of trying to recreate the main character herself, so I decided to make the tower and and surround it with the flowers that she had in her hair. As a finishing touch, I made the birthday girls name to look like Rapunzel’s hair.

The obsession begins….

When I was small we only had one or two (AGE SPOILER ALERT!!) VHS tapes. The only one I really remember was a Silly Symphonies tape that was played so much I am pretty sure my mother wanted to jump off a bridge.  Some of the cartoons were weird and I didn’t catch the subtleties until I was much older (I now find some of the content quite shocking). Regardless, I loved The Cookie Carnival. I love the part when sad girl cookie wants to be in the parade and then gets dolled up by Mr. Wandering Gingerbread Man. I was in love with the idea of a candy land where everything is edible and sweet and fun. I think it speaks greatly as one of my early influences into why I do what I do today. Enjoy=)

Bill and Squeaks

I have a strange habit of naming (or renaming) things. I name fish I catch, fondant characters I make, random people I see and occasionally furniture. You get the picture. Anyway, I had an idea for a cake I wanted to make for my nieces second birthday that involved cute little rubber duckies. Her obliging mother let me do whatever I wanted and this is what resulted. After I created the duckies I decided they needed names. The large duck is Bill (get it?) and the little one is Squeaks=)